Coral Propagation Course


Coral Propagation Course Guideline (Click to open)

What you’ll learn:  

  • Introduction to Coral Propagation 
  • Environmental Ethics for Coral Propagation 
  • Fundamentals of Corals 
  • Tools and Equipment for Coral Propagation 
  • Coral Extraction and Handling 
  • Substrates 
  • Coral Propagation Techniques and Methodology 


Who this course is for:  

  • Complete beginners with no previous knowledge of corals 
  • Anyone age 10 & above can participate in this program  
  • Dive centre operators
  • Environmentalist
  • Resort operators 
  • National marine park rangers 
  • Coral rehabilitation project manager 
  • Anyone who is keen to be part of coral conservational project 



The course package includes:  

    • 6 Chapters of reading materials on Guide to Coral Propagation
    • 10 course videos  
    • Knowledge Reviews (Quizes 
    • Field Training at the end of the course (To be charged seperately)
    • Certificate of Completion (Digital) – Upon completion of online course
    • e-wallet card – Upon completion of Field Training session
    • Learn at your free time within 4 weeks
    • Accessible on all platforms (mobile, desktop & tablet)

*This course is HRDF claimable.